Block the air


Katarzyna Kołacz


pressure, napięcie powierzchniowe, objętość, powietrze

Purpose of the experiment:

Pour water into a bottle using a funnel.

List of materials:

  1. a plastic bottle, e.g. 1 litre
  2. a drinking straw (not bendy)
  3. a plastic funnel with the stem wider than the width of the straw
  4. plasticine
  5. insulation tape
  6. a vessel with water

Completion stages:

  1. Put the funnel into the bottle.
  2. Seal the space between the funnel and the bottle with plasticine; you can additionally use some insulating tape for the insulation.
  3. Pour water into the funnel.
  4. Observe water behaviour.
  5. Cover the top end of the straw with a finger and put it into the funnel with water.
  6. Observe water behaviour.
  7. Open the straw by taking away your finger.

Questions to the experiment:

  1. What else can block the flow of water?
  2. What can be done to pour water into the bottle with the sealed funnel?
  3. What happens when you pour the water slowly and what happens when you pour it quickly?

Description of the phenomenon:

Interpretations of results:

Water poured into sealed funnel cannot flow into the bottle because the air that is present in the bottle blocks its inflow. At the same time, water surface tension will not let air particles get to the surface. After the straw with the top closed with a finger is inserted, water does still not flow. First when the straw is unplugged, the air can escape and make space for the water from the funnel.

Interesting facts:

  1. High water surface tension enables the upward flow of blood in the narrow vessels in the human body, thus defying gravitation.
  2. The water molecule is the second most common molecule in the universe after the hydrogen molecule.
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