Straw punch


Katarzyna Korsak


pressure, powietrze, wytrzymałość materiałów

Purpose of the experiment:

Participants attempt to drill a hole in a hard raw potato using a soft drinking straw (with a large diameter, no bend).

List of materials:

  1. a raw potato
  2. a plastic drinking straw (not bendy)

Completion stages:

First attempt:

  1. Take the straw in your hand and stick it into the potato with all your strength.

Second attempt:

  1. Take another straw in your hand
  2. Close one end with your thumb
  3. Stick the straw into the potato

Mind your hands!!

Questions to the experiment:

  1. What is air pressure?
  2. Does air in the closed straw have a way out?
  3. Is air pressure inside the closed straw the same as the air pressure around us?

Description of the phenomenon:

Interpretations of results:

A soft straw will bend when stuck into a raw potato as the air inside it flows freely. A straw with one end closed will not bend because it contains air that has nowhere to escape. When the straw is stuck into the surface of the potato the air pressure rises inside the straw. Its walls retain their shape, and with adequate strength you can drill a hole in the potato.

Interesting facts:

The experiment can be made using other hard vegetables and fruit. This way you can decorate your vegetable salad.

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